Hittin’ the Daily Links – Wild, Oilers & Goal Light Everythings


It’s Monday and probably coffee time by now.  The weekend has again passed us by and the work week starts all over again.  Aside from one final golf tournament next weekend, there isn’t much else to look forward to get through this week.  Of course there is no hockey to watch, at least not at the elite level but the Aeros will open up camp next weekend which will highlight many of the Wild’s top prospects as well as any players who have played in the NHL for three years or less.  Stay tuned as we will bring you daily coverage of how camp unfolds for the Wild affiliate but for now let’s get to the links.

As if having no hockey isn’t sad enough, the Minnesota Wild and their fans have experienced the tragic loss of one of their family members.  Michael Nanne, one of the team’s long serving dentists since the Wild were brought into the league lost his battle with brain cancer at the age of 48.

Harrison Mooney at Yahoo! Sports does a nice job previewing the Wild’s 2012-13 roster, should there be hockey.  Mooney applauds the Wild for addressing their team’s concerns but doesn’t think this Wild team is a playoff type club, at least not yet.

Our Alberta friends, namely the Oilers and Flames still feel that the lockout is illegal under the Alberta Labour Code and are doing there best to try and avoid the lockout.

Finally, you do realize Christmas is just around the corner and what better way to show the hockey fan in your life how much he/she truly means to you by giving him these fascinating goal light items.  There’s a goal light alarm clock, goal light pizza cutter and so much more.