Hittin’ The Daily Links – Things You Won’t Hear During The Lockout & More


Coming up with daily content is proving to be more of a challenge then Kim Kardashian not talking about herself for five minutes.  But none the less we continue to be served with headlines around the hockey world that we feel are worthy for you to have a quick read and maybe even a little chuckle, because we know those are few and far between lately with no hockey.  Before we get to the humor, we have some more serious matters to examine, like are the Edmonton Oilers looking at relocating?  Enjoy the daily links.

Here’s the latest on the Oilers saga.  Owner Daryl Katz and his posse were in Seattle on Monday to take in the Seahawks and Packers thrilling football game.  Oh and they toured the arena that could potentially house an NHL team firing up speculation that if Katz and his group don’t get a new arena deal then they could look at moving the team.

Despite both sides (NHL and NHLPA) meeting to discuss last year’s revenue, there are no plans to get together in the future to try and settle their differences.

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman has threatened to pull the Winter Classic and HBO reality series that goes with it by November if a deal is not in place by then.  Is he bluffing considering how much Bettman loves that big event on New Year’s Day?

Finally, watch these two hockey fans at Hoodwinked Films who took it upon themselves to throw a little humor at the whole situation as they discuss “things you won’t hear during the NHL lockout.”  My favorite is “the Calgary Flames were going to make the playoffs this year.”