Hittin’ The Links – Figure Skating Dominates Hockey & We Love Hockey Petition


Call it a bounce in the step, but when we hear that the two sides are getting together on Friday to discuss some minor details that need to be ironed out before a new CBA can be put in place, it’s easy to get a little excited.  Sure there is still a long way to go before we see the Wild back on the ice in any type of NHL sanctioned practice, but two weeks into the lockout and maybe, just maybe both parties realize the severity of what another lost season would do to the sport we love.  Keep your fingers crossed and with that here’s the daily links:

It’s hard to not be intrigued when you see a headline that states a figure skating coach kicked 40 hockey players off the ice in St. Louis Park, so without ruining the story check it out.  Maybe this figure skating coach should be involved in the lockout negotiations.

Here’s an inspirational story about Minnesota high schooler Jack Jablonski who was paralyzed nine months ago when he was checked from behind during a hockey game.  He was recently at the Twins and Yankees game and it truly is a moving story.

Finally, our friends at Sportsnet.ca have started a “we love hockey” petition and we encourage everyone to sign it.  At this point, what can it hurt if a few million fans show their disgust over the lockout.

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