Hittin’ the Daily Links – Madonna a Caps Fan?


On the eve of negotiations, hockey fans sit patiently with a tremendous amount of anticipation built up, ready to explode with the hope that after Friday we will at least have some progress towards a new CBA.  Until then, we’re forced to sit and wait and read articles pertaining to the game we love.  With that here are the daily links.

She’s one of the most well known music artists of all-time and not many people can pull off going by one name.  But Madonna can and check out this video where she pulls two Washington Capitals rookies out of the crowd.  Who knew Madonna was a Caps fan?

Rob Vollman at ESPN looked at the worst off-season signings from around the league from a statistical consensus point of view.  Surprisingly the Wild did not make the list.

Michael Grange of Sportsnet provides an in-depth look into the death of Derek Boogaard and who should ultimately be held responsible for the enforcer’s death.

Finally, we have some highlights for you. Yes, hockey highlights.  It comes courtesy of Justin Bourne at Backhand Shelf and he shows Nik Zherdev’s highlight reel goal with a complete analytical breakdown.