That’s It, That’s All: NHL Cancels Remainder of Preseason


The NHL lockout is one step closer from having an impact on the regular season as the league announced they have cancelled the remaining preseason games that were slated to run from October 1-8.

The news comes one week after all exhibition games scheduled for September were officially cancelled and now the stage has been adequately set for the league to soon start crossing off regular season games that are set to begin on October 11.

The NHL and NHLPA have not met for over two weeks to discuss their differences for the new collective bargaining agreement, bringing much doubt that games that count in the standings won’t be lost.

Some encouraging news came from the league today when they announced that the two sides will be meeting for not just the one day on Friday, but likely the entire weekend.  First reports had the two sides agreeing to discuss second tier items such as pension plans and drug testing with the hot topic, money, being held off the agenda at least for the time being.

With the scheduled talks now expected to last until Sunday night this could be the ray of optimism all hockey fans are hoping for and that a deal will soon be worked out.  If nothing else, we’ll know where the two sides stand after the weekend which could be gloom and doom for the season or it’s game on.