Crosby & Toews Among The Players To Attend Tuesday’s Meeting


With the two bosses (Bettman and Don Fehr) not attending the planned meeting on Tuesday between the players and owners, the room will still have plenty of big names.  According to both Sidney Crosby and Jonathan Toews are said to be participating in the negotiations that will see a handful of players meet with six owners.

Yesterday it was reported that the owners would include those from Toronto, Calgary, Winnipeg, Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay and Boston.  We have yet to hear who the other players chosen from the NHLPA will be but should find out soon enough.

It’s no surprise that Crosby is one of the players to represent the association.  He’s been an active member of the PA and has already attended numerous negotiations between the league and the players.  One could argue that he’s maybe seen too much or heard too much and that perhaps an unbiased opinion would be better.

You could also make the argument that having Crosby in attendance is a positive move by having arguably the best player in the league involved in hopes that progress towards a new CBA can be made.

Jonathan Toews is the other star forward that we know will be heading to New York for Tuesday’s get together.  Toews has been a little more critical than Crosby when discussing the lockout and in particular Gary Bettman, not mincing his words when asked about the commissioner. Crosby on the other hand has remained more fruitful in his answers but did voice his concern that the season would be lost in the past few weeks.

Toews and Crosby are both captains of their respective clubs and have much clout and respect amongst the players in the league.  While both have accomplished much throughout their early careers in the NHL, it’ll be interesting to see if they can help bridge the gap in the bargaining talks that could lead to a new CBA.

As the reports come out of the meetings on Tuesday we’ll keep you informed on the latest news and analysis, right here at Gone Puck Wild.

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