The Stanley Cup Still Has Plenty of Work Through NHL Lockout


Just because the NHL lockout is approaching three months in duration, the Stanley Cup remains busier than ever.  The work stoppage has not slowed down the silver chalice despite the threat that commissioner, Gary Bettman may not be handing it over to one of the 30 NHL team captains next June.

Lord Stanley’s mug is on an expedition across Canada that will see five different minor hockey league teams have the opportunity to spend time with the cup through a promotion with Scotiabank, the official bank of the NHL.  Through the process of a random draw, the young hockey players will or have had their chance to see the cup up close and personal before their team’s practice.

One article on the Canada Newswire caught up with the Stanley Cup in Scarborough, Ontario where a team of Major Atoms had the experience of a lifetime.  Throughout their practice the player’s would take turns posing with the cup which included friends and family that were allowed on the ice for this special occasion.  After all, it’s not everyday that you get to see the greatest trophy in all of sports in your home town, let alone get a snapshot with it.

After the practice the young players were treated to an after-party where they had a group photo with the Cup and a chance to ask questions to the keeper of the holy grail, Phil Pritchard.

Pritchard is the guy who is always seen with the Stanley Cup, given it’s his job to parade the trophy around to events like this one and when the player’s of the winning team have their one day with the cup after the season is complete.

These five lucky teams will have had the experience they will never forget and it was the royal treatment no less with the likes of Pritchard and his white gloves being on hand to present the Stanley Cup to these lucky children.

Now, if only we can get the NHL playing again so we can see Prithcard on NHL ice and present the trophy to one lucky team who endures the marathon known as the Stanley Cup Playoffs.  It is afterall, the most difficult trophy to win in all of sports.

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