Mike Yeo The Wiseman: Seeks Advice From T-Wolves Coach


Mike Yeo is a smart man when it comes to coaching hockey.  Despite leading the Minnesota Wild to a sub .500 record his first season in the Twin Cities, Yeo has proven he can coach to success by leading the Houston Aeros to the Western Conference Championship in 2010/11.  He knows the game, that much is obvious.

Now he’s proving that his smarts not only lie inside the hockey rinks, but outside of it as well.

Yeo recently spent some time with the Minnesota Timberwolves head coach Rick Adelman after their practice to get some inside information on how to prepare for a shortened season  according to Jerry Zgoda of the Star Tribune.

Adelman is the perfect guy to discuss such strategies with given he’s gone through two lockouts previously during his NBA coaching career.

Ironically, the last NBA season that was shortened to due to a work stoppage resumed in the middle of December.  Training camps opened on December 9 and all teams played two exhibition games with the season starting on December 25.  Yes, Christmas day is a big NBA tradition, something the NHL has yet to adopt and hopefully never will.

Zgoda says that Yeo asked Adelman about preparing for a brief training camp, something that Yeo could be faced with if the latest CBA negotiations move forward.

On Monday the NHL cancelled all regular season games through December 30, making the earliest possible start date on New Year’s Eve.  Given the calendar is just about in the middle of December, Yeo could be faced with the same challenges that Adelman went through with a short training camp and limited exhibition games, if any at all.

Yeo was excited and encouraged by what Adelman told him during their discussion, saying the advice was “helpful and insightful”, reports Zgoda.

Mike Yeo the wiseman; proving that coaches can never stop learning no matter what the situations are.

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