NHL Season Rests in the Hands of U.S Federal Mediators


The NHLPA met with the two U.S federal mediators involved with the lockout on Thursday morning after discussing the current NHL work stoppage with them for more than six hours on Wednesday according to TSN.ca.  Reports say the player’s will meet with the two appointed mediators again Thursday afternoon at which point the regular season will then rest in the hands of the two U.S federal employees.

Following the afternoon meetings the mediators are expected to decide if the two sides should schedule a meeting in the very near future.  The thought is that if this is the way they rule then a deal is very close.  If the mediators decide that the two sides aren’t close and don’t recommend a meeting, well, the season could be in serious jeopardy.

The NHL and PA have not met since last week when talks broke off amid emotions of anger on both accounts but the two sides were in the same hotel on Wednesday for meetings with the mediators despite not being in the presence of each other at any point of the day.

If  Wednesday’s comments from Donald Fehr are any indication, future meetings resulting in a new CBA are becoming less likely.

"“There were discussions of the various issues involved and how far apart we are and where we go from here. I can’t tell you that any progress was made,” – courtesy of TSN.ca."

Not encouraging words from the player’s fearless leader and although no reports have leaked as to how the meetings have gone on Thursday, it’s becoming increasingly evident that both the owners and player’s have their own agenda.  We already know the league has taken a hard stance of “take it or leave it” on their latest offer, that was supposedly off the table last week.

At this point there has been so many threats, ultimatums and unique negotiating tactics that it’s hard to know what to believe anymore.  All we do know is that if the mediators recommend future meetings then maybe, just maybe the season can be saved and this ugly lockout will finally be put to rest.