Minnesota Wild Fans—It’s Time to Make Some Noise


Apr 11, 2013; St. Paul, MN, USA; St. Louis Blues forward Andy McDonald (10) celebrates his goal with teammates during the third period against the Minnesota Wild at the Xcel Energy Center. The Blues defeated Wild 2-0. Mandatory Credit: Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Star Tribune sports writer Jim Souhan wrote an interesting article for today’s paper in regards to how quiet the Xcel Energy Center has been recently.  That is, without question, a statement that should shame the fan base. Yes, Minnesota has struggled lately with playoffs on the line; however, with playoffs still a very real possibility, there’s no better time than now for fans to make some noise.

Have we forgotten what it felt like to not have an NHL season? Worse yet—have we forgotten what it felt like to not have an NHL team in Minnesota? Make some noise, get up out of your seats and GET LOUD! You have NHL hockey in the Twin Cities and the future of the franchise has never looked brighter than it does now. The Wild are moving back into the old Norris next year that will see more games against Chicago, St. Louis, Nashville, Winnipeg and the old North Stars in addition to a young Colorado squad. As you can see, there is a lot to be excited about.

Minnesota has a good team, but they’re missing that 7th man on the ice—YOU! There’s a reason home advantage in the playoffs is so important; it’s because fans are loud and proud and live or die by every play. The atmosphere is intense and exciting, and Xcel Energy Center is severely lacking in that department at the moment. Wild fans, YOU ARE THE STATE OF HOCKEY! Act like it, even better, embrace it.

Whatever happened to “We will fight to the end, we will stand and defend our flag flying high and free?” You were born the child of the strong and Wild in the State, the State of Hockey. So what if the other team scores? Big deal. The day they try to take this game is the day the gloves come off—take those words to heart for crying out loud! You are the fans, these players aren’t playing for the Stanley Cup; they play for you.

Without a fan base to support them, there is no team. That’s not just talking financially, but mentally, as well. If there is no fan support in the building, it leads to frustration and builds the confidence of the other team. It’s part of the reason Minnesota is 0-4-1 in their last five games at home. That just flat-out cannot happen tomorrow night against the defending Stanley Cup Champion Los Angeles Kings.

So, with that in mind, it’s time to pump up the fan base with a pump-up video IV drip. I urge you, watch them today and before the game tomorrow, especially if you will be in attendance. Minnesota is tied for the 7th seed and still has a chance to clinch the playoffs with three games to go in the season. Get pumped up, because the Wild needs your support. I think it’s safe to say cheering them on to a playoff spot is worth a sore throat or two.

The Minnesota Wild Pump-ups

The Playoff Pump-ups


Finally, for those that are just excited to have NHL hockey back…