Gone Puck Wild has Openings


Are you a passionate, die-hard Minnesota Wild fan?  Do you want a personal soap box to voice your opinions on the upcoming changes and hopeful success of the Minnesota Wild organization?  Are you looking for a place to grow your writing portfolio?  Then we have a spot for you!

GonePuckWild.com – the Fansided Sports Network’s Minnesota Wild site is looking for inspired writers who share a deep passion for the team to join our writing team. Minnesota Wild fans (and writers) are a rare breed of hockey fanatics. We eat, drink and breathe Wild hockey and live or die by every pass of the puck. The fact of the matter is that the game is in our blood and our blood is in the game. It’s that blood, along with sweat and tears, that has built Gone Puck Wild into one of the biggest Minnesota Wild fan sites on the internet.

We are looking for staff writers and contributing authors who want to add to the constant stream of opinions offered by the site.  Not only will you be joining the fastest growing sports network on the internet – but your work will be featured on Sports Illustrated.com. In particular, GPW needs a social media manager to run the site’s Twitter and Facebook accounts. If you find yourself constantly tweeting or annoying your Facebook friends with Minnesota Wild related content, we want you to come do it for us, too!

It’s easy to join – just go to our writer application and fill it out, one of our leadership team will get right back to you! For more information on working with us here at Gone Puck Wild, contact Editor Dakota Case at Dakota.case2@gmail.com.