Charlie Coyle Played Through Two Separated Shoulders


Charlie Coyle had a great first round series against the Colorado Avalanche, but, while he played solid in round two against Chicago, he seemed off. Things weren’t clicking quite right for him.

What was happening with Coyle was clarified by the Star Tribune’s Michael Russo who wrote that Coyle was, according to sources, “playing with both a separated left shoulder and right shoulder.”

Most players are playing through aches and pains in the playoffs and many are soldiering on with injuries that would have sidelined them during the regular season. However, playing with two separated shoulders is next level and speaks volumes about the character and compete level of Coyle.

Sounds like Wild fans aren’t the only ones who were impressed with Coyle’s performance despite the injury:

Coyle posted three goals and two assists in the first round, then posted an additional two assists in the six-game second round. He averaged almost 18 minutes per game in the playoffs and record his playoff-high ice time in the Wild’s Game 6 defeat, logging 21:29 despite the injury.