Minnesota Wild: Trading for Second or Third Round Pick is Possible


The Minnesota Wild only have four picks heading into next week’s draft in Buffalo.  If they want to trade back in a few teams can offer exactly what they need for a price that the Wild are willing to pay and can afford.

It’s no secret that the Minnesota Wild are a little short on draft picks for the upcoming draft.  All indications seem to be that the Wild are not really looking to trade to get any picks back despite only having four total picks in Buffalo.  But with nine days to go lots can happen as other teams begin to move players and formulate their draft strategy, the Wild could find a compelling reason for the right price to trade a team for some picks in this year’s draft.

If the Wild were to trade back into the draft more than likely GM Chuck Fletcher would target a second or third pick.  That would mean a big piece would need to be moved.  The price point for these higher round picks is normally a top nine forward, a top four defenseman, or a very solid backup or starting goaltender.  The Wild have players that fit these molds that could be moved for picks if the team so desires.

When looking at the rest of the NHL franchises there’s a few teams that stand out as having excess second and third round picks they might be convinced to part with for a good price.

The Maple Leafs have an extra pick in both the second and third round, which makes them and easy trade partner as they pretty much have needs in all positions.  The Flames have three second round picks which makes it almost a certainty that they will move one of those picks for the much needed goaltending or forward help they need.  And the Oilers have three third round picks, that like the Flames, makes it likely that they’ll move one of those picks for goaltending or in their case defensive help.

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So if the Wild decide to get that second or third round pick in this year’s draft, there’s a list of players that make sense to move for those picks.  Sure there’s package deals that could make this more complicated, but these players could be moved singularly and fetch that second or third round pick for sure.

It’s already been suggested by Fletcher that he is thinking about moving backup netminder Darcy Kuemper.  He’s definitely worth a third round pick and maybe even a second round in the right situation.  In the defensive department the Wild’s possible offerings are already known as Mathew Dumba, Marco Scandella, or Jonas Brodin could all catch second round picks by themselves.  Finally, forward wise to acquire that second or third rounder the Wild could offer RFA Jason Zucker who would certainly fetch a third rounder and might be able to get a second rounder depending.

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These are just possibilities for a one for one trade situation.  More than likely the Wild will be using these trade options in a package deal to acquire a top-level forward.  That could mean an even higher likelihood of a pick coming the Wild’s way if something is worked out before or during the draft for the forward the Wild are looking for.  The only issue is the price it could cost the Wild and if they are willing to pay it.