Minnesota Wild: NHL Releases Home Openers for Next Season


The NHL just gave us our first glance into what the Minnesota Wild’s upcoming season will look like.  At 1 p.m. EST the league announced the home openers for all 30 NHL squads.

The NHL season will begin on Wednesday October 12th with four games featuring Central Division foes the Chicago Blackhawks taking on the Dallas Stars.  The other three games include another installment of the battle of Alberta with the Oilers taking on the Flames, the NOCAL versus SOCAL matchup with the Sharks hosting the Kings, and the official capital of Canada taking on the unofficial capital when the Maple Leafs skate into Ottawa to take on the Sens.

For the Minnesota Wild they will be opening their season on the road in St. Louis on the 13th of October.  This should be a great opener as the Wild will get their first glimpse of their former coach Mike Yeo behind the bench of the Blues.  Also with the way the Blues have dominated the division the last couple of years, it could be a big indicator of how the Wild’s season will go by how they play in this game.

Wild fans will have to wait to open the X as the first tilt in the Wild’s home barn will not be until October 15th against the Winnipeg Jets.  The Jets may look like a team that is soft on paper, but they had the Wild’s number last season by taking four out of five contests from the Wild.  Not to mention this should be a great game as many Manitobans usually make the trip and bring their awesome antics with them.

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If you’re clamoring for more of the season schedule, you’re going to have to wait till 1 p.m. EST tomorrow when the NHL will release the rest of the 1,230 game-schedule.  It’ll be a welcomed glimpse of what the future holds next season, but for now we’ve just got this table scrap to get us by.