Minnesota Wild May Change Their Goal Song

One of the greatest parts of the hockey experience is the goal song.  The Minnesota Wild have had the same goal song for many seasons now, and there’s a suggestion that they might make a change.

Yesterday the Minnesota Wild sent out a survey to their season ticket holders asking if the goal song for the Wild should change.  The current goal song Joe Satriani’s Crowd Chant is extremely recognizable to every Wild fan, but indications are that the oldie but goodie might have worn out its welcome in the State of Hockey.  So the Wild decided to take it to the streets to see what if any change should be made.

Michael Rand of the Star Tribune reported in his blog yesterday afternoon that the Wild sent a five-question survey to its season ticket holders about their expectation and the overall Wild brand.  The final question was:

After Prince passed away in April, a few fans reached out to see if the Wild would consider changing the home ice goal celebration song to “Let’s Go Crazy”, in honor of the legendary Minnesota artist. We did use it as our goal song for Game 6 against Dallas. We thought it would be a good time to ask our best fans, our Season Ticket Holders, what they thought. Should the Wild change the home ice goal celebration song at Xcel Energy Center?

The choices were:

NO! The current song (Joe Satriani’s “Crowd Chant”) is perfect!

YES! Honor Prince by adopting “Let’s Go Crazy!”

Yes! But let us pick the new one from a number of options.

Yes! And here is the song that I recommend:

First off while I love Crowd Chant, but I think it’s time for a new song.  The Xcel crowd really responded to Let’s Go Crazy during the playoffs and I’m a big fan, I found the last option of recommending a song too tempting.  So I think I’m going to take option four for a spin, and here’s my list of five goal songs to suggest for the Wild to start next season.


1) Seek and Destroy – Metallica:  The title says it all…and just imagine the thought of young James Hetfield’s voice filling the X with the “seaarrrching….seek and destroy!”.  It pretty much says to the opponent we’re not looking to beat you, we’re going to destroy you.

2) Heroes – David Bowie or the Wallflowers:  Have this one cut in right at the point where the line “We can be heroes…just for one day.”  This song pretty much says what’s everyone who scores a big goal feels like…you’re a hero.

3) Kick Start My Heart – Motley Crew:  Talk about a song that starts loud, rowdy, and stays there.  If you want to pump up the team and the crowd this song will do it.

4) The Superman Theme– John Williams:   A classic and once again pretty much sums up how it feels when you score a big goal…you feel like Superman!

5) Pink Slip – The Unband:  You might recognize this one from Super Troopers.  The riff is awesome and it a very defiant song which help with swagger factor that a goal song needs.

So feel free to bash my suggestions and/or make your own.  In the end I hope everyone out there knows I really hope the actual picked song is Let’s Go Crazy because it’s from a local hero and it does capture the mood of a crowd at the X when a goal is scored.  After all that’s what a good goal song does, it gets the crowd into it and in turn pumps up the players.  It’s really one of the coolest parts of hockey when you think about it.