GonePuckWild Changes Three NHL Rules for Next Season

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The Postponement of the NHL Season has allowed us the opportunity to brainstorm potential rule changes for the 2020-2021 season. Here are Three.

NHL Head Office, Gary Bettman (Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images)

3. The Point System Changes

For the longest time, I haven’t understood the point system. Wins are always worth two points, but losses consistently change in value. Sometimes they’re worth no points, sometimes they’re worth a point- it doesn’t make sense because of the imbalance of points awarded per game.

In no other league does the amount of credit shift so frequently from game to game. There are overtime ties in the NFL that affect standings but it rarely happens. MLS awards a point for ties but not losses. MLB and NBA don’t award a loser point/credit for games that don’t finish in regulation. There are Overtime record stats, but the records aren’t used in tiebreaker scenarios. The NHL has even shifted from including Overtime/Shootout wins in the tiebreaking scenario, changing the Point System would make the league more efficient.

The National Hockey League should alter its Point System. It isn’t broken, it’s just confusing. Many years ago, The Hockey Writers pitched how to fix the Point System, where they change the number of points awarded for the game. Essentially, they add a point to the process:

Regulation Wins: 3 Points

Overtime/Shootout Wins: 2 Points

Overtime/Shootout Losses: 1 Point

The Hockey Writers summarize it:

Winning a game in 3-on-3 or a shootout isn’t as impressive as winning in 5-on-5, so let’s stop treating it that way.

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