Minnesota Wild Regular Season Review: Greg Pateryn Starts Our List

With the Regular Season Wrapped, let’s check the report cards of the individual players on the Minnesota Wild.

Now that the 2019-2020 regular season is officially over, I thought this would be a perfect time to break down each player’s regular-season performance. This will be a series of articles covering each Minnesota Wild player’s season over the next month as the NHL transitions into returning to play.

I asked fellow Gone Puck Wild contributor Brandon Quast and Site Expert Lake Martin on their thoughts on each player as we all reflect on the positives, negatives, and adversity the Wild faced this season. All three of us gave each Wild player a grade, I then averaged the grade out and made a composite ranking. This series will start from the bottom featuring the players that had the worst seasons up to the last article that will feature the player with the best season.

This series will review the entire regular season and will take into account each player’s contract, offensive production, and overall play using analytics to determine each player’s impact and value to the Wild this season.

# 22 – Greg Pateryn

Aaron: D-

Brandon: F

Lake: D-

To be fair, Greg Pateryn only played 20 games this season due to an injury sustained during Training Camp, so it’s hard to over criticize him with his smaller sample size. On the flip side, in Pateryn’s 20 games he did play in, he virtually offered nothing more than a replacement-level player. Pateryn had a -0.9 Goals Above Replacement (which measures a player’s true value based on goals scored for and against when a player is on the ice), Pateryn actually brought negative value in his 20 games.

It never appeared that Pateryn became comfortable this season but it was a tough season for him. Pateryn finished the season without a goal but collected 3 assists. Pateryn ranked 14th in GF/60, 12th in GA/60, 17th in xGF/60, 19th in xGA/60, 15th in CF/60, and 20th in CA/60 among Wild players. Pateryn struggled defensively and he had a lack of physicality in terms of hits this season which can be inferred that it was due to his injury.

Lake explained it well, stating, “Pateryn had an injury in the pre-season that really derailed him and he just wasn’t playing good enough in his return”. This basically sums up Pateryn’s season.

Although Pateryn didn’t play well in his 20 games this season, he had a very tough season with multiple setbacks which eventually limited him to 20 games.

Pateryn has been a fantastic defensive defenseman throughout his career and was actually one of the best defensive players for the Wild during 2018-2019, so there is no doubt that his injury had an immense impact on his ability this season. Greg Pateryn has one year left on his contract, it will be very interesting to see what a healthy Pateryn next season could look like.

All stats from Evolving Hockey and Hockey Reference