Top 5 One-Hit Wonders in Minnesota Wild History

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A one-hit wonder by definition is a person or performer who is successful only for a brief time. The Minnesota Wild, like all sports teams, have rostered players for a short time who found success, but had their star burn out quickly or left for one reason or another.

As a fan of the Minnesota Wild, it is fun going to a game and seeing fellow Wild diehards rocking their obscure jerseys of players from years past. You can tell a lot about another fan by the name that they proudly wear on their back as they faithfully cheer on our boys.

I remember attending game a few years back when Wild played the Colorado Avalanche. I was in line with an Avs fan wearing a Theoren Fleury jersey. I had to let him know how awesome his sweater was, and also how much I hate the Avalanche.

Seeing an Owen Nolan or Andrei Zyuzin jersey while standing in line at the concession stand, usually results in conversations about random moments in Wild history. Walking into a visiting stadium sporting a Josh Harding jersey, I usually catch the ire of strangers as they recall “Hards” highlight reel saves, but express their respect due to the tragic end of his career.


No matter the situation, it is enjoyable taking a stroll down memory lane, recalling the different players that have worn a Wild sweater. Some players in their brief time with the Wild were simply amazing for a short time and should be looked at as one hit wonders.

Here are the top 5 one-hit wonders in Minnesota Wild history. Sadly, if you do not know some of the names on this list, you probably were not cheering for the Wild during their time with the team.

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