FanSided and Site5 Come Together For Holiday Season Charity Drive


With the holiday season approaching, Fansided and Site5 have come together to help out the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. Site5 does our webhosting, and we have  joined forces with them in this effort. This is a wonderful organization, that helps kids everywhere.  A lot of these kids would never get the opportunity to have even basic life experiences otherwise.

The Boys and Girls Club of America’s Mission Statement:

"“To enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.Core BeliefsA Boys & Girls Club Provides:A safe place to learn and grow…Ongoing relationships with caring, adult professionals…Life-enhancing programs and character development experiences…"

"Hope and opportunity”."

That is quite an amazing thing when you think about it. They are out to make our kids better, and happier in life. Kids do not get a choice on their lives when they are young, but as they get older, what core values are instilled in them, do. BGCA does just that, and makes them see the good through whatever bad they may have in their lives. It is an amazing organization I have personally volunteered for. The sparkle in a kids eye when they see that puck, or football, or baseball is simply priceless. Or a “TEAM” effort in any kind of activity. It builds life skills, which I think we know do not come easy for anyone.  Sometimes it is just being with friends they may not see on a day to day basis. That can be enough right there.

I cannot say enough about BGCA. Kids are amazing in the things they say and do, and the spotlight is on them. Kids deserve the world, and you can help. We have a goal of $5000, and with your help of reaching out to our kids, we can make it. If you can put down that Starbucks one day, or skip by Panera for a day, a little bit goes a long way. Please donate what you can here!

Kids are our future. There may possibly be another Mikko Koivu out there waiting for a chance to play some puck, and you could be the one responsible for getting him out there. Think! About! It! =)