What You Do To Us Lord Stanley!


A couple years ago, this was sent out by the NHL. I still have it! The day the playoffs start, I have a copy of this framed and on my desk! Although the names have been changed, it is life as we, the hockey fan know it, for the next 7 weeks! Let the games begin!

You’ve chosen quadruple OT over sleep.

You believe in the hot goalie.

You can grow a better Playoff Beard than Henrik Zetterberg.

You feel a little chill every time Steven Stamkos’ stick  touches the puck.

You need  a 17 minute break between periods as much as the players.

You watch pregame, postgame, and in-game interviews, and it’s still not enough.

You pray the Hockey Gods will smile upon Joe Thornton and finally let him win The Cup.

You’re slightly disappointed when every series does not go seven games.

You count your blessing that you get to live during the Teemu Selanne era.

The only thing that can make your bagel and coffee better, is watching Claude Giroux and Mike Richards during the morning skate.

You dream in loops of puck, skate and whistle.

You wonder just how do teams game plan for Tim Thomas.

You live in constant awe of Nicklas Lidstrom.

You can’t wait to tell your grandchildren stories that begin with “I remember the time Jonathon Toews…”

To prepare for The Canadiens playoff run, you learn to say “25 Cups in 102 years” in French.

You think the Canucks may be more dangerous with a target on their back,

And in-between playoff games, the only thing you want is more hockey.