Timesaving Tips For The Wild Front Office


I don’t know nearly as many people in the Minnesota Wild front office as does, say, Mike Russo, but the few dealings I have had with them have left me with a positive impression. They seem like nice people, so I figured I’d dedicate this post to making their lives easier with some timesaving tips.

1) Don’t bother posting the injured list. Just post which Wild players are healthy. It’s shorter that way.

2) For the rest of the roster, just copy and paste from the Houston Aeros site.

3) When writing down the final score, make your zeroes narrower…it preserves ink.

4) Don’t bother with D. Just give some local Mighty Mites jerseys. You’ll get the same results as of late but won’t have nearly the cap hit.

5) I know the media keeps saying we can’t buy a goal, but have you tried? You can still keep costs down if you make your purchases after the opponent has gotten a few goals in first. They’re more likely to accept singles and fives that way instead of tens and twenties.

I watched that scrimmage tonight between the local guys in Wild jerseys and the Avs. Man, am I glad that wasn’t a real game.

Wait a minute, why is NHL.com posting a score?

Oh, crap.

Avs 7, Wild 1 in the Pepsi Center, folks.