Are The Minnesota Wild Relevant or Contenders


Do the signings of Zach Parise and Ryan Suter get the  Minnesota Wild to the playoffs?  The answer is they will help but the the answer will come from Grunland, Coyle and Scandella. Playoff teams are never made because of two players, signing the top free agents on the market never guarantees anything either. Ask the New York Rangers of the 90’s and the Washington redskins of the NFL. Let’s not forget the New York Yankees

While Suter and Parise make the wild better then they were last year they will not be the main reason the wild would or wouldn’t make the playoffs. Neither one of these signings are the best at their positions, they may not even qualify as top three at there positions.  Your second, third and fourth line players are just important.  The Los Angeles Kings are the perfect example.

I think the Wild will need one more year to take that next step. To allow the players to bond on and off the ice. As well as letting these all world prospects get some playing time. This team will be good they just need time to let these kids grow into their roles. To many important roles to fill and not enough money but the wild do have the prospects. The Wild do have something to look forward to. A Phoenix team that has lost one of their best players, A Detroit team getting older and also lost two top players. Nashville who has been stripped of most of it’s talent and Weber could be next. A Dallas team with no direction and a St Louis mystery that no one can figure out.

So this year could bring playoff hockey to Minnesota but the kids will have to take a step forward for that to happen. As well as strong third and fourth line play. And goalkeeping, but the defense is shaky in front of the Wild goalies at best. Maybe a move for a Weber could be made. This farm system is stacked with talent and some decent NHL roster players. A move for Weber would guarantee a playoff spot barring injuries.

Fun fact: The Minnesota Wild first played in the capitol of St Paul.

Question: What record did the Minnesota Wild break during their playoff run 2002-2003?

What are your thoughts on the subject?