From Triumph To Failure What Effects a Lockout Would Have.


To start these offer sheets must go, it is a clear way of given the bigger markets the advantage over the small.  There has to be some kind of justice in the CBA and allowing a team to steal a player away because they have more money is not the way to go. Draft picks are all to easy for a team to give up if they know it’s going to be late first or second round picks. Start using top prospectys as payment instead of picks. Let’s take this Philly situation for example. What good does picks do for Nashville in the next two to three years and that’s even if these picks make the NHL. Or if they make the NHL if their any good.

Now let’s say Philly has to give up two top prospects, it helps Nasville now and not (maybe ) in the future. Contraction will soon be needed and it’s because of moves like this. Sure Nashville can match but after spending the 100 million and over how do they build the rest of their team. Look at how they lost three of their top players. KHL over payed Radulov, Wild sign suter to 90 million and now they’ll lose out on Weber because Philly will do something Nashville can’t and over pay Weber. http://

It’s disgusting all parody is gone, and that is all thanks to greedy slobs in the front offices and The NHL itself. Now wonder the owners want some money back. And no not all owners brought this about. Again I use Philly who blows through one bad contract after another. The cap was put in because the Rangers put in an offer sheet like this for sakic. Yet this is still allowed in the NHL today?Gotta make sure you please your big markets right.

And now let’s get started on the real ramifacations of a strike. The NHL has finally started to gain more fans at it’s highest in years. Well you know since the last strike. Fans will not come back again, not if there’s a strike everytime a CBA runs out. The only people affected by the strike are, role players, vendors, employees and fans. Which are the people these greedy millionaires could care less about. Why should Crosby care about a 4th line player who’s making 500,000 to his 8 million a season. Aslong as more money goes into his pockets that’s all that matters.

Why would a Malkin care about the employees and fans he only makes money, no fan does during a seaon. Employees please they’ll just lose their jobs, Got Unemployment? The owners are no better and neither is the NHL buffons. So lose the fans you just gained, lose the lust over the Wild signing Parise and Suter. The kids in the AHL forget them to because all that matters is that we get our’s. And contraction should be fun try telling these cities these fans that their going to lose their teams. And that’s what frustrates me more then anything. http://

Is that these players would rather contraction happen just so they can get their money. There are to many teamsa in debt as it is. Just to name two off the top of my head New Jersey and Phoenix. The Florida teams aren’t fairing so well and lossing all three of those players sets Nashville into that position. Congrats to these players because most third and fourth line players will lose their jobs. The kids will find it harder then ever to crack a lineup and the fans will slowly but surely start walking away.