Meet future Star Jack Ramsey


  Jack Ramsey a 6’2 junior at Minnetonka High School in Minnesota is an up and comer. His name now known by scouts, prospects coaches and GM’s of the NHL. And he was kind enough to take some time to sit with me for an interview. This kid is every coaches dream polite, intelligent and has the skills to match. He was missing one thing, an interview with your loving editor on gonepuckwild.

While I played hockey myself with many soon to be NHL players. Until I tore my knees up. None had the character this kid does, none had the love and appreciation for this game like he does. He just needs to remember two things and he will be in the NHL in a few years. 1) Have fun this is just a game, just knowing this will get you through the rough times. 2) Never worry about the doubters, at the end of your career and you’ll look back and it’s only rewarding if you are satisfied.

Without further ado ladies and gentlemen here is Jack Ramsey.And future NHL player Jack Ramsey!

Me) At what age did you first begin to play hockey?

Jack) Oh boy, I was skating when I was in preschool. I think4 or 5 years old. Hockey at 4 and I was skating at age 2. With the support of my mom and dad up though. Sorry to pile all of that on you.

Me) It’s fine my mom tried for me but I was a hefty kid.

Me) Who is your favorite NHL player and team?

Jack) It’s a toss up between the Wild and Red Wings. I was born in Detroit and then grew up at the Excel Energy Center. Favorite player is Lidstrom, although he is retired and plays the opposite position. He was the the closesr you could get to being the perfect player.

Me) It sounds like family plays a key role in your life both in and out of hockey.

Jack) My dad and sister Rachel are both role models to me in my life and in hockey. Then my mom and sister Hannah are the biggest fans I have.

Me) At Wild prospect scrimmage I heard a few prospects bring up your name. How does it feel to know these guys know who you are?

Jack) It’s inspiring, to hear that my name was said at that high of a level. It gives me hope that with hard work and effort that I could possibly be there one day.

Me) Are you looking to make hockey a career?

Jack) I think every Minnesota kids dream is to make hockey a career and someday make it to the NHL.

Me) Have you thought which college you would like to attend?

Jack) I’m only going to be a junior, so college isn’t on my mind to much yet. I want to stay focused on my high school season.

Me) So as a hockey player who do you think made the best off season so far?

Jack) NHL wise? Since the Wild signed Suter and Parise I think they’ll be able to end up in 6th or 7th in the west. I don’t think those two will win them a cup though. The Rangers made a huge deal today, but I think it will play against them

Nash isn’t the youngest guy out there. I think they should have been patient with the players they have instead of trying to speed things up. For example look at Detroit they keep guys in their organization and it pays off big time.

Me) How would you best describe your game?

Jack) I think of hockey as more of an intellectual game then physical. Seeing it that way My game revolves around vision and hockey sense.

Me) Last question, What would your dream draft scenario be?

Jack) My dad always tells me it’s not a bad thing to not get drafted. Because if you look at guys like Justin Schultz from Wisconsin I believe. Sorry he got drafted and Anaheim lost his rights for some reason. And Schultz still had all 30 teams wanting him out of college.

Just being drafted at all would be a dream come true.

Me) Dan Girardi of the New York Rangers was never Drafted he is now playing on the top pair of one of the best defenses in hockey.

Jack) Exactly, shows you that you don’t need to be drafted to play in the NHL.

Me) Thank you for all your time and best wishes and luck in life, as well as hockey.

Jack) Alright thank you!

I am willing to bet all that I have that we will see Jack in the NHL, and not only in but a very successful player for years. He reminds me a lot of Derek Stepan a very big key of The New York Rangers. He’s a second line center and he has only scratched the surface. We here at gonepuckwild have complete and utter faith in Jack Ramsey. And know this Jack we are fans ourselves. Keep up what your doing and i’ll have to beg to get an interview in a few years.