Moving on from the NHL: Running to Special Hockey


Well hello there!  For those of you who come here often you may have never heard of me before unless you read that other Minnesota Wild blog from that other network…

Yup that is me.  One in the same.

Much has changed since those days; and I am just talking about how we actually had the NHL then.   I have also dropped close to 80 pounds since then.   As much as that is great and this is a bit of an introduction piece this really is not all about me – it’s about hockey.

Now with my new fitness (which still needs some work) I have decided to run a half marathon to raise awareness and money for the American Special Hockey Association (ASHA).

American Special Hockey Association teams playing in outdoor festival 2012 in Toledo, Ohio (Monica McAlister)

On October 20th 2013 I will be running the 13.1 mile International course in the Detroit Marathon.

I will run thru the streets of Downtown Detroit and South Detroit – better known as Windsor, Ontario, Canada (for those that do not know there is not South Detroit, the city to the direct south of Detroit is in fact Windsor – and is the only boarder crossing where you go south from the United States to get into Canada).

To raise awareness for ASHA I’ll be running across the Ambassador bridge, through the streets of Windsor and back thru the Detroit-Windsor tunnel.

ASHA has been giving those with development disabilities the chance to not only learn and play the great sport of hockey; but learn and grow as individuals since 2000.   With more than 50 programs in 30 cities across the U.S. continued need for donations  is ever increasing as the program continues to grow.

While I have been a volunteer with ASHA for awhile now I thought it was time that I do my part to try and raise more awareness of their cause and contribute some financial resources at the same time.

Please head over to the “Running for ASHA” event page over on Crowdrise to check in on the progress of reaching the goal of $5,000 (and/or contribute).  I have until race day, near the end of October, to hit my financial goal, before hitting my fitness goal, with your help we can make it!