Time For A New Minnesota Wild Goal Anthem?

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to work upstairs at the Xcel Energy Center? What a privilege to control the sounds of the game, the announcements, the music, the goal horn. Hell, I’d be content skating as an ice girl. However, there lies a simple, thought provoking question that many have thought about over the past few seasons. What would you say if you were asked for your opinion on a new Wild goal Anthem? Realistically, that is the most feasible shot we got at playing “God” in Xcel.

The best teams in the league have their own unique and original tracks that their entire fanbase knows and loves. Whether it’s Chicago’s “Chelsea Dagger,” or Montreal’s “Le but”, the list goes on. Not only are they catchy songs for a goal, but they induce a certain amount of rage or annoyance in opposing teams fans.

Does the now outdated and overused “Crowd Chant” still do that? It’s no longer solely Minnesota’s, which is a huge problem. Some love it, others tolerate it. I for one, think it’s time for change. I never really caught on to the fan’s responsibility of chiming in with the correct dragged out “WOAH” chant at the right time. I know it’s the only word used throughout, but it comes off as rather awkward or forced.

Something is missing. The music needs to be more intense, more crowd raving and deep, less simplistic. Something that will keep the fans on their feet longer, louder, and that we can call our own. There are a few ideas out there already. ranging from Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song,” to Prince, to Rammstein, and so many more. All intriguing if done correctly.


(My opinion) Due to the Scandinavian roots that most Northerners have, it should tie together through the music. Danish rock band Volbeat’s “Dead But Rising” would definitly be a change of pace at the X.

The first minute of the song would sound pretty ferocious with some sort of battle cry going on from the crowd, unfortunately I haven’t figured that part out yet.

While it may not be the most original, Norwegian band Turbonegro’s “The Age of Pamparius,” better known as MTV’s “Wildboyz” (pun intended) theme song, could be something completely fresh for an Anthem.

Something keeps bringing me back to this one. Maybe it’s just the comedic factor.

These are just a few of my thoughts, now Let us hear yours! In with the new, or stick with what we have?