Alaska Aces Superhero Jersey Unveiled


The Minnesota Wild’s ECHL affiliate, the Alaska Aces, has unveiled the Alaska Aces superhero jersey that the team will be wearing the weekend of January 23-24 for “Superhero Weekend.” The team will host games at Anchorage’s Sullivan Arena on Friday and Saturday, sporting the above jersey that they’re calling “a ‘Superman’ inspired look.”

You can see that jersey above or there’s a full view at the bottom of this post.

The weekend will feature fans and kids coming dressed as superheroes, as well as “select characters, associated with traditional ‘comic book style’ superheroes [roaming] Sullivan Arena for photo opportunities.” The careful wording there makes me think that the “comic book style” superheroes might not so much be your favorites like Batman, Superman, Spiderman, and Black Panther (what?).

While it doesn’t say in the post at their site, I’ll guess we’re instead going to see Catman, Superduperman, Man Who Has Some Spider Powers Man, Wonderful Woman, Black Puma, Yellow Lantern, Iron Ore Man, and The Hunk.

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The jerseys were designed by the Aces promotions department and if you check out their Twitter account you can see the kind of awesome “A” logo getting some extra usage outside the jersey.

In addition to having some superhero jerseys going on they’ll also be getting the team’s superhero back. Olivier Archambault, as we mentioned earlier today, was returned to the Aces by the Iowa Wild today. He’ll rejoin the Aces immediately and has been announced as a part of the starting lineup for the ECHL All-Star Game, which takes place on Wednesday.

Bonus: The ECHL All-Star Classic website currently has a poll up on the site with the question “Who is the best player to have played in the All-Star Game to reach the NHL?” One of the four options is former Wild forward and famed rabbit owner Zenon Konopka. He’s currently polling at 4%.

Alaska Aces Superhero Jersey