7 Best Playoff Goals In Minnesota Wild History

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3. Richard Park – 2003 WCQF Game 6

First, let’s take a quick second to remember the glory days when ESPN actually acknowledged that hockey is a sport.

Over a decade and two lockouts later, ESPN considers Barry Melrose to be a “hockey expert” because he puts a gallon of grease in his hair and has a mild Canadian accent.

We get it, ESPN, LeBron James’ receding hair line and Rob Gronkowski spiking a watermelon are far more important than hockey now.

But I digress..

Richard Park, the Saint of Seoul, South Korea, was able to sneak that wrister through Patrick Roy’s five-hole to ignite the Minnesota fans and send the series back to Denver for a decisive game seven. The angle never looked to be there in the first place, but somehow Park was able to beat arguably the best goalie in hockey history between the pads as well as foreshadow game seven’s outcome perfectly.

In case you’ve never seen it, here’s a cool little explanation from Park as to why he even let it fly in the first place.