7 Best Playoff Goals In Minnesota Wild History

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2. Nino Niederreiter – 2014 WCQF Game 7

The echoing sound of Nino Niederreiter’s bomb hitting the crossbar will never get old, unless of course if you’re a Colorado Avalanche fan, in which case I don’t know why you’re still watching these videos.

What a way to end a series and what an unlikely combination of players to pull it off. As much as Minnesota Wild fans bashed Dany Heatley and Kyle Brodziak for their poor performances during the regular season, they both played out of their minds in game seven and throughout the series with Nino.

And to you kids out there, if you ever score a goal that comes back out of the net so fast that half the players on the ice are still competing, consider that an acceptable time to slide on one knee from blue line to blue line while windmilling one arm so violently your shoulder rips out of its socket.

Also, bonus points to Heater for clocking Ryan O’Reilly in the face with his stick during the team celebration.