In a new feature that I'll be running here on Gone Puck Wild throughout t..."/> In a new feature that I'll be running here on Gone Puck Wild throughout t..."/>

GameDay Stats Breakdown: Minnesota Wild vs Dallas Stars


In a new feature that I’ll be running here on Gone Puck Wild throughout the season, before each game, I will be analysing the underlying advanced statistics for both the Wild and their next opponent to see how they match-up.

(For more info about some of the stats and terms I use in these articles, check out my stats introduction piece).

-Here are the underlying numbers for both teams so far this year at 5v5:



Games Played



Home Record



Road Record



Goals For%

57.1% (11th)

62.5% (8th)

Corsi For%

60.8% (1st)

51.2% (12th)

Fenwick For%

61.5% (1st)

50.8% (15th)

Shots For%

65.3% (1st)

48.3% (19th)

Goals For% [Close]

60.0% (11th)

66.7% (8th)

Corsi For% [Close]

60.1% (2nd)

58.4% (3rd)

Fenwick For% [Close]

62.5% (1st)

57.0% (8th)

Shots For% [Close]

66.3% (1st)

54.5% (9th)

Shooting Percentage%

04.3% (25th)

07.2% (16th)

Save Percentage%

94.0% (12th)

95.9% (6th)

PDO (Luck)

983 (20th)

1032 (8th)

Powerplay %

26.3% (7th)

20.0% (16th)


66.7% (27th)

84.6% (10th)

The Wild have been excellent across the board, in both 5v5 and 5v5 Close. They’ve also been incredibly unlucky, with an extremely low Shooting Percentage and middle-of-the-pack Save Percentage. The PP is doing very well and the PK is doing terribly.

The Stars and decent at 5v5, but are top-10 in Close situations. Like the Wild, they look much better than they have in previous seasons. They have been very lucky in terms of Sh% and Sv%, registering a top-10 PDO. Their special teams are fairly average.

-Here are the Best 3 and Worst 3 players for each team in various statistical categories. This only counts players who have played 3 games so far:




Wild CF% Top 3

STONER (75.7%)

MITCHELL (74.7%)

PARISE (68.3%)

Wild CF% Worst 3

GRANLUND (47.8%)

BRODIN (52.9%)

FONTAINE (52.9%)

Stars CF% Top 3

GARBUTT (90.5%)

ROUSSEL (81.5%)

DALEY (68.0%)

Stars CF% Worst 3

SEGUIN (48.1%)


BENN (51.8%)

Wild FF% Top 3

STONER (76.2%)

MITCHELL (76.2%)

PARISE (71.4%)

Wild FF% Worst 3

GRANLUND (48.5%)

BRODIN (51.1%)

HEATLEY (55.3%)

Stars FF% Top 3

GARBUTT (94.1%)

ROUSSEL (85.7%)

DALEY (67.6%)

Stars FF% Worst 3


SEGUN (47.5%)


Wild PDO Top 3



BALLARD (1063)

Wild PDO Worst 3




Stars PDO Top 3

SEGUIN (1200)

BENN (1182)

DALEY (1118)

Stars PDO Worst 3




For the Wild, Stoner and Mitchell are putting-up insane numbers right now. Both were terrible possession players last year, so this is very surprising and one suspects that they will come back to Earth fairly soon. Granlund has been very impressive offensively, but he needs to get better defensively to improve those numbers. Scandella and Heatley have both been very unlucky to start the year.

Interestingly, Tyler Seguin has been the Stars’ worst Corsi player and has the highest PDO. These numbers suggest that his performances so far have been smoke and mirrors and that if he continues to play like this, he will have a very poor season. Grabutt and Roussel have put-up surprisingly good numbers so I will be watching them closely tonight.

Okay, that’s all from me. Make sure you check-out Scott’s official Gone Puck Wild Game Preview before puck-drop where you’ll get his insight along with all the information you need about the game.

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*Numbers in this article courtesy of:
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